Young man leaning against the wall of a drug and alcohol rehab in MinnesotaThe Sunflower Wellness Retreat is the drug and alcohol rehab Minnesota locals trust. It caters to adults with a need for healing. Most importantly, it emphasizes holistic and evidence-based methods. Here’s what this looks like.

Recovery’s the Ultimate Lifestyle Change

Participating in the drug and alcohol rehab Minnesota residents undergo at the Sunflower Wellness Retreat is a lifestyle change. It’s not about what you can and can’t do. Most importantly, it’s not about missing out on the fun. In contrast, it’s about enriching your life with new experiences.

The Retreat ushers you into a community where people genuinely care about you and your recovery. Besides that, there’s support for the personal growth you want to see. The drug-free life you deserve comes with new hope and health. It changes your outlook on life.

How Healing at the Drug and Alcohol Rehab Minnesota Looks to for Help Works

Therapists understand that addiction isn’t a choice. They know it’s a chronic illness. Therefore, they’ve put together a care protocol that emphasizes practical treatment approaches. Examples include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy as a tool for boosting coping skills to functional levels
  • Mental health care for program participants with depression, anxiety, and similar concerns
  • Life skills training that prepares you to return to a healthy lifestyle and personal productivity
  • Meditation as a holistic approach to stress management and anxiety reduction
  • Medication-assisted treatment that minimizes post-acute withdrawal symptoms
  • Addiction education that helps you understand how the chemicals in the drugs changed your overall health

Sunflower Wellness Retreat therapists put a high value on involving you in community outings. Doing so has a two-fold advantage. For starters, you participate in physical fitness activities at a local gym or attend 12-Step meetings. Secondly, you learn to regain your confidence while out and about without using.

Because drug abuse causes so many people to withdraw from others, this is an essential step. Besides that, it encourages relapse prevention strategy planning. When you realize that some situations make it tempting to use, work through them with a therapist. It prepares you for program graduation well ahead of that time.

Family Involvement Assists in Your Recovery

At the facility for drug and alcohol rehab Minnesota has come to rely on, family therapy is essential. Those closest to you suffered. Similarly, dysfunction in interactions can create triggers for substance abuse. Therefore, it makes sense to bring loved ones in.

Family therapy emphasizes the reconstruction of the unit. It might involve changes to roles. In some cases, there might be enablement or co-dependency that needs to stop. Because therapists approach substance abuse as a family disease, healing includes those closest to you.

Practicing for family involvement is possible through peer mentoring and group activities that take place. Group therapy’s an excellent way of relating to others in a family-style setting. There’ll be disagreements that you work through. Similarly, you practice how to allow everyone to express themselves.

Living the Sober Lifestyle

Enrolling at the Sunflower Wellness Retreat recovery program helps you change the way you live. While you are still undergoing the drug and alcohol rehab Minnesota talks about, you practice living sober. Therapists present you with opportunities for interacting with others. Similarly, they encourage mingling with people in the community.

In the process, you come to feel normal about recovery. You’re no longer feeling nervous about going out of the house without a chemical crutch. In fact, you look forward to the new life you are practicing. When program graduation arrives, you’ll be ready.

Of course, before you can take these essential steps, you have to sign up for help. The Sunflower Wellness Retreat offers the drug and alcohol rehab Minnesota can trust. Don’t you owe it to yourself to achieve the lifestyle that you deserve? Call 855.730.8825 to get the ball rolling.