Woman outside of her drug and alcohol rehab in NebraskaUnfortunately, we live in a country where far too many people get themselves involved with drug or alcohol problems. The best we can do for these folks is to make sure they have access to a quality drug and alcohol addiction treatment center. At Sunflower Wellness Retreat, we believe we have one of the top first-class drug and alcohol rehab Nebraska offers. Along with Nebraska residents, our doors are also open to people from Kansas, Iowa, and Missouri.

The Treatment Process at Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Nebraska

If you come into our program for drug and alcohol rehab in Nebraska, then you can expect a unique treatment experience. The first step in the treatment process is vetting. This will give our clinicians a better idea of how to plot your course of treatment.

If your addiction is significant, then it’s entirely possible you’ll get an invite into our holistic detox program. Here, you will get the opportunity to address your cravings and withdrawal symptoms. However, if a medically-monitored detox program is necessary, we can outsource that to a partner detox facility. The number one priority is to make sure you remain safe and comfortable throughout an arduous withdrawal process.

After a successful detox process, our counselors will then begin the counseling/therapy process. Success or failure in therapy will depend a great deal on your ability to be open and honest with yourself. Therefore, if you struggle with honesty, your time in our drug and alcohol rehab Nebraska program might not bear fruit.

If you give your all, then the journey will be incredible. You and your therapist will get the opportunity to look closely at the issues that might be prompting your addiction. Whatever those issues are, you’ll spend time talking about them and how you might deal with them in the future. A big part of the process involves developing better life skills. These are the skills that will ultimately keep you out of harm’s way (relapses).

After Rehab

After you graduate from our drug and alcohol rehab Nebraska program, you’ll head out to test your sober wings. There will be times your triggers and temptations will come at you. If you feel a little shaky, that’s when you will want to take advantage of any available aftercare options.

The list of aftercare options includes additional outpatient treatment, participation in 12-Step meetings (AA & NA), and taking up residence in a sober living home. A sober living home is an excellent option if you feel you will need sufficient time to re-acclimate to living a normal life. The sober living manager will undoubtedly work with you to help you take on responsibilities as you gain confidence. When you are ready, and only when you are ready, you can head out into the world and live free from addiction.

Sunflower Wellness Retreat – The Treatment Approach

As we mentioned above, the treatment experience at our facility is unique. We place a great deal of focus on the wellness of the individual as a whole person. That means we employ treatment options that will help arrest the addiction while also addressing the needs of the body, mind, and soul. While under our care, you will get exposure to holistic methods of living. Here’s some additional information about our facility and services:

  • Retreat environment with recreational amenities
  • We focus on Psychotherapy (CBT & DBT)
  • We offer inpatient, outpatient, IOP, and PHP options
  • We do provide dual diagnosis treatment
  • Client to counselor ratio of 4.5 to 1

If you are personally dealing with an addiction problem, you have the power to fight back. It won’t be easy, but help is available. If you call our drug and alcohol rehab Nebraska center, we’ll be there to help start you down the road to recovery. So contact Sunflower Wellness Retreat today at 855.730.8825.