Why People In Minnesota Come To Kansas For Alcohol and Drug Treatment

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Many factors come into consideration when deciding to go to an inpatient Rehab program outside of Minnesota. For some people location is not that big of a deal. However a decision between staying close to home and leaving the state to seek help could be the deciding factor in a successful addiction recovery.

Sometimes an out of state treatment program like Sunflower Wellness Retreat is the right choice. Some patients realize that they need to distance themselves from a familiar environment in order to truly get a fresh start. Below are some important considerations for leaving Minnesota and coming to Sunflower Wellness Retreat to seek help.

Escape an Already Bad Situation

Some patients have found that it is counterproductive to seek an in-state rehabilitation program. That has nothing to do with the quality of the program, but rather with the notion that they would still be in close proximity to the same places that they associate with drug use.

Sometimes being in close proximity to triggers can hinder the rehab process. Sometimes the best thing for the drug abuser to do is remove him/he self from the situation as much as possible.

Increase Privacy and Confidentiality

For many people, seeking drug rehabilitation outside of Minnesota is a very personal matter. If a parent has a role in their child’s PTO, volunteers their time within the community, or has a good career, there is no denying that they want to keep their dependence issue as quiet as possible. Sometimes deciding upon a local facility may open up a person to additional scrutiny. That is one of the reasons that some people prefer to go out of state, just to ensure that they are unlikely to run into someone that may know them.

When the patient has this sense of privacy, it is one less thing to worry about instead of being concerned about medical personnel, staff and others learning more about their unique, but personal situation. Research has shown that patients move through rehabilitation better if they do not feel burdened or distracted by outside influences. Removing the concern about privacy may therefore provide valuable benefits.

No Easy Way to Leave Treatment

Even though many people forget about this aspect, entering into a drug rehabilitation facility is voluntary unless it is court mandated. If the person wants to leave, they can check themselves out and walk out through the front door. It is much easier to leave treatment while enrolled at a local facility. A friend could provide quick transportation and before you know it, the person returns to the exact same toxic environment as before. Even though it is not unthinkable, a person may think twice if it means that they have no immediate way to get home. That added barrier may be enough to keep a person enrolled when it becomes uncomfortable or hard to continue.

The scenario is not incomprehensible; certain apprehensive patients do not embrace their recovery program early on and realize that they have options to leave. You have to remember that sometimes, the initial apprehension and discomfort from being removed from their element can be enough to cause someone to leave early if the opportunity presents itself.

Zero Distractions

When seeking Minnesota drug rehabilitation, it is important to focus on the person struggling with the problem. There are outside contributing factors, but the first and foremost factor is to get to the underlying cause of use. Even though it may seem normal to want your loved ones close to you, sometimes patients focus more on their loved ones than their own recovery. When attending an out-of-state facility, the patient has no other option but to stop worrying about what is going on at home and just focus on getting better. Oftentimes it is not until that moment that the final walls go down and the person can focus exclusively on getting better.

Why Choose Sunflower Wellness Retreat

At Sunflower Wellness we offer tools that will aid you in living a sober lifestyle and achieving a successful recovery.
  • Individualized care and personalized treatment plans
  • Weekly groups and individual sessions
  • Daily clinical classes
  • Provides areas and time for meditation, expressive art, and physical fitness activities
  • Group activities, family activities, and peer mentoring
  • A fitness center, and optional Sunday church services
At Sunflower Wellness Retreat you will find yourself being part of a community of committed people succeeding in recovery. Whether your addiction is alcohol, cocaine, prescription drugs, or something else, we are here to help. Sunflower Wellness Retreat cares about more than just your substance abuse history; we care about you as a person. We want to help you change your life forever so you can live a long, happy and healthy lifestyle. At Sunflower Wellness Retreat, we want you to experience the world around you and put your newly learned skills into action. Allow us to be a part of your journey towards a new you, call us today!

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