Holidays Can Be Challenging For Those In Recovery
October 8, 2018
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November 10, 2018
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Holiday Alternatives For People Suffering Addiction

Getting together with family and friends for the holidays can be a challenge for those in recovery.  People need to know that there are some alternatives for people suffering from addiction. If someone abuses alcohol, there are a variety of non-alcoholic drinks that can be made during the holiday season. Everything from mixing fruit juice with sparkling water to fruit smoothies and more are great things to have during the holidays. An addict must know which parties they should not attend. Trying to just stay for a short time and then leaving could be risky. If a user must attend a party, it may be best if they go with a friend or family member who is also dedicated to their recovery. This type of support is essential in these situations. It will take time for an addict to develop the social skills necessary to not give in to their addiction.

Social Isolation

One of the biggest challenges an addict may face during the holiday season is the desire to isolate themselves. Many feel that people in their social circle may not accept them if they don’t behave like they did during their addiction. It’s a big mistake for a recovering addict to avoid social interaction. Doing this could lead to severe depression, especially during the holiday season. It’s important they avoid comparing themselves to others in their family as well as their circle of friends. It’s important for an addict to know they can reach out for help. Loneliness has driven many individuals recovering from substance abuse into another round of addiction.

Struggles with Substance Abuse Include Holiday Grieving

During the holidays, a recovering addict struggles with painful reminders of what they were at one time. It’s important a user anticipate this before the holiday season and develop a plan to handle it. This could involve working with friends and family members willing to help. An addict may need to be reminded that they can’t behave a particular way at this time. It may also require a substance abuser agreeing to remove themselves from specific situations when it is suggested by a friend or family member. When someone is recovering from an addiction, they will be grieving the loss of their former life. They may be grieving the results of past behaviors. With the right amount of support, the holidays can also be a time of addicts better understanding themselves.


The holidays are also a time when a recovering addict must learn to deal with their resentment. People who have upset them in the past may be living in their minds rent-free. These resentments seem to increase during the holiday season. They can be very dangerous to a person’s sobriety. It is a real challenge for an addict not to let resentments influence their behavior and decisions. They must not let resentment have power over them during the holiday season.

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