Evidence-based addiction therapy programs assist you with overcoming chemical dependency. What does this mean for you today? Similarly, how do therapists know what you need? Sunflower Wellness Retreat professionals have the answers you’re looking for.

What’s Causing Your Chemical Dependency?

Woman enjoying her Kansas addiction therapy programsThere’s a good chance that you don’t know why you reached for alcohol or a drug in the first place. What you do know is that you want to quit. Sunflower Wellness Retreat operates Kansas addiction therapy programs that empower you to do so. Treatment begins with an intake interview.

You meet with a specialist who has a friendly, relaxed conversation with you. During this time, you explain about your substance abuse. There’s no pressure. The therapist takes notes and might ask a few questions.

Because it’s essential to personalize addiction therapy programs for clients, you undergo an assessment. At this point, the therapist asks you targeted questions to pinpoint care needs. Doing so is advantageous because it brings up topics you might not have thought of. With the answers in hand, it’s possible to construct a care protocol that meets you at your point of need.

Common Evidence-Based Addiction Therapy Programs

Sunflower Wellness Retreat therapists use evidence-based modalities when working with clients. This approach means that the treatments have a history of helping people in your situation overcome addiction. Most importantly, these are not new or boutique treatment approaches. Rather, plenty of literature shows their effectiveness.

Examples of such Kansas addiction therapy programs include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy emphasizes the importance of functional connections between thoughts and actions
  • Dialectical behavior treatment is a method for preventing emotional upheaval through self-control mechanisms
  • Trauma therapy assists people with intrusive memories or unwelcome emotions from past situations
  • Family therapy is a tool for building bridges and repairing relationships with loved ones
  • Psychotherapy empowers you to look at the origins of your substance abuse problem

Other addiction therapy programs focus on holistic care approaches. A case in point is meditation. Sunflower Wellness Retreat therapists routinely work with clients whose stress levels resulted in substance abuse. When you don’t know how to deal with the pressures of life, it’s easy to self-medicate instead.

Meditation offers a way out of this cycle. You combine strategic breathing exercises with a guided meditation to relax your mind and body at will. This method is an intervention that you’ll be able to practice on your own at home, too. Therefore, it becomes an integral aspect of relapse prevention training.

There are also experiential therapies that assist during the recovery process. Examples include art and physical fitness. Art lets you express yourself in non-verbal ways, which adds to introspection. Fitness encourages you to work toward a healthier lifestyle.

Recovery Isn’t about Losing Drugs but Adding Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Far too often, people believe that recovery means that they’ll continue with their usual activities. The only thing missing will be the drugs. That’s not technically correct. Many daily activities and mindsets contribute to substance abuse.

Therefore, addiction therapy programs enable you to create a new lifestyle for yourself. It focuses on healthy choices in stress management, anger reduction, and boundary setting. You’ll learn new coping, social, and life skills. Therefore, you no longer feel the need to self-medicate.

Reaching Out for Help

Kansas addiction therapy programs work together to help you heal. They build on one another. Similarly, they integrate the lessons you learned in other therapeutic interventions. Because customization is essential, you’ll notice that specialists routinely make changes to your care protocol.

That’s so that you get the maximum benefit from your stay at the facility. The majority of program participants appreciate the opportunity to enter residential rehab. It allows for a full immersion in the therapeutic setting. Doing so removes you from triggers at home.

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