Do you fear group therapy in rehab treatment? If you do, you certainly are not alone. Many people feel the same way before their first session. But after getting started, the group becomes something you enjoy and look forward to attending. Later in recovery, you actually find yourself reflecting positively on these therapy sessions where some of your most significant changes took place. A group therapy and individual therapy program make up the foundation of addiction treatment. It’s vital to learn what each approach entails and what to expect from treatment.

What Is Group Therapy?

group therapyYour group therapy program at Sunflower Wellness Retreat involves meeting regularly with your peers in treatment. This in-rehab group therapy may seem much like other recovery support groups at first. But here, your group sessions combine with an individual therapy program as part of your custom treatment plan.

Group therapy usually involves eight to 12 of your peers under the guidance of a licensed or certified counselor. The therapist sets goals for each session, directing the group but not controlling its discussions. You learn healthy communication in these sessions, regaining your ability to take cues from others as they communicate. You and your peers start supporting each other and even develop tight bonds over time that last beyond rehab treatment.

In this supportive environment, you explore subjects presented by the therapist. Some sessions involve focusing on coping skills and life skills training. However, not all of these sessions occur in a classroom environment with chairs pulled into a circle like you may see on TV. Some of your group therapy program actually takes place during fun activities and recreational pursuits.

Your group therapy program opens your mind to recovery and a better life. It forms a foundation for building healthier relationships outside of rehab. It teaches you so much about yourself that you miss the group environment when you return home. At home, you can enroll in community recovery support groups to extend your learning, build a support system at home, and continue standing strong in recovery.

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How Group Therapy Supplements Your Rehab Treatment and Therapies

Your group therapy program is one of the best methods for rehab treatment. Its proven track record reflects great change in individuals. Take advantage of these opportunities for your own change, combined with other therapies and individual counseling in rehab.

Other therapeutic programs you may find necessary in rehab include:

However, there are specific therapies we offer across all our treatment programs. These allow clients to explore their issues and work through their substance use disorder in the most effective ways. Some of our therapies include:

At Sunflower Wellness Retreat, you spend your days taking part in a variety of therapies. These include group sessions and individual counseling. You also enjoy bonding with peers and learning about yourself in other ways, such as through healthy recreation.

Sunflower Wellness Retreat offers a full-service gym, basketball court, and volleyball court. The treatment environment exists on 12 acres of serenity, where you gain the quiet and focus on learning about yourself and your unique recovery needs. Through multiple forms of therapy and education, you feel ready to return home to a new life supported by your community recovery support groups.

Discover the Programs Offered at Sunflower Wellness Retreat

Sunflower Wellness Retreat focuses on whole-person healing of your mind, body, and spirit. This healing involves holistic methods combined with traditional talk therapies and MAT. Programs available to you at Sunflower Wellness Retreat include:

To learn more about your new life in recovery and how to get there through individual and group therapy, then call Sunflower Wellness Retreat now at 855.730.8825. A better life waits for you, just beyond the learning and support you receive in rehab. So call Sunflower Wellness Retreat in Osawatomie, KS, now.