Whether dealing with a mental health issue or a substance use disorder (an addiction to drugs or alcohol), there are many facets to treatment. In most cases, the individual will enroll in residential drug rehab. During treatment, they will find the root of their addiction through different modalities. One of the most common treatment modalities is therapy. While group therapy has an important place in the treatment process, nothing supplants the importance of an individual therapy program.

One-on-one therapy is a way for those struggling with substance use disorder to learn to identify their issues, learn new and healthy coping mechanisms, and develop the trust they need to overcome their addiction. At Sunflower Wellness Retreat, our team of counselors and therapists are ready to help those in need.

What the Client Gets From an Individual Therapy Program

It’s not surprising individual counseling sits at the core of the addiction treatment process. There are several thingsIndividual Therapy each person in rehab has to address if they want a realistic chance of recovery. The two primary things clients should be targeting in an individual therapy program are the reality about their addiction and how to deal with it going forward. While individual therapy is at the heart of addiction treatment, it is not the only therapeutic option. As individuals work through their issues and progress through rehab, they will find themselves with the options to take on added therapies such as:

In the end, what the client gets from therapy is an opportunity to reclaim their life. They also get a chance to mend fences and return to a normal way of living. Ultimately, they get a unique opportunity for a level of self-realization non-addicts rarely get.

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The Focus of Individual Therapy for Addiction

Of course, as we mentioned above, each client needs to use individual counseling to clear the way to recovery. The first step involves learning the truth about their addiction.

Introspection is not an easy thing to do. It’s even harder to do in the presence of a counselor as part of an individual therapy program. But, just the same, going through the process of introspection is critical to the recovery process.

While some experts claim the causes of addiction are unimportant, we respectfully disagree. How does anyone treat an illness if they don’t have a proper diagnosis? Unfortunately, they don’t, and relapse then becomes imminent. The client needs to know the truth about the root causes of their addiction. To get there, they must also be transparent with their thoughts and feeling. Anything less than that could lead to failure in the form of one relapse after another.

There’s another reason individual addiction therapy requires a proper diagnosis. At some point, the client will graduate from their individual therapy program and then have to return to their life. For lasting recovery, it is better to leave rehab with the appropriate coping skills to handle life on life’s terms. Knowing the direct causes allows the client to target the right coping skills. That’s the secret to a real recovery.

Fighting the Good Fight with Sunflower Wellness Retreat

As part of the last line of defense, Sunflower Wellness Retreat is ready to battle drug and alcohol addictions. Our menu of treatment options includes:

Using this menu as the basis for developing custom treatment plans, we can give each client what they need. This is a major benefit in an addiction treatment environment where treating addiction is more difficult than ever. We know our clients deserve the best care possible, and we intend to provide that level of care.

Drug and alcohol addictions are insidious diseases. If you are living with an addiction, your health and welfare are at risk. Our counselors and clinicians here at Sunflower Wellness Retreat can help with individual therapy programs and other services. However, you have to reach out for that help. When you do, we will get right to work, helping you find the road to recovery. Believe it or not, a much better life awaits you on the other side of a simple phone call. Please give us a phone call at 855.730.8825 and let us help restore your life to normal.