Rehabilitation centers use different types of therapy in their treatment programs. One that shows tremendous possibilities when it comes to addiction is large group therapy. What is this therapy, and how could it benefit you? Read on to find out more.

What is Large Group Therapy?

People conversing during their large group therapySmall group sessions typically consist of around 8 or 9 participants. However, a large group therapy session will have anywhere from 10 to 30 people. The goals of both types are the same: to provide support, build relationships, and empower people to change. As such, you can expect a large group session to be just like small group therapy, only on a larger scale.

As with small group therapy, a licensed therapist will lead a large group session. Other therapists sometimes assist in ensuring fewer conflicts and better facilitation. A large group meeting is very informal, and also comes with the same level of confidentiality you’d expect from small group therapy.

Benefits of Therapy in Large Groups

Certain situations are better suited for large group therapy than others. For example, if you would like to recognize people for their achievements, it is best to do so in a large group setting. That way, more people will know about their accomplishments, meaning others are more likely to set lofty goals for themselves.

Those who are looking to break the ice may prefer large groups. That’s because some individuals feel more pressure to talk when they are in small group environments. That pressure isn’t as obvious when there are more people who must share the floor.

Small groups can become dull and routine over time. Switching to a large group session can help liven things up and cause the conversation to start flowing again. After participating in a large group meeting, you might encounter new ideas that will assist you in meeting your recovery goals.

Some studies show that large therapy groups make it easier for people to overcome their anxiety issues. Since anxiety and dependency issues often go hand in hand, this benefit alone could prove very useful in beating addiction.

What to Expect from a Large Group Therapy Program in Kansas City, KS

Group therapy sessions take place at our residential treatment center in Kansas City, KS typically lasting around an hour or so. You’ll meet with others who are also struggling with addiction and will have an opportunity to express some of your concerns. In doing so, you will learn from others who were once where you are and have since made great strides in their recovery.

During a large group meeting, you may not have as much opportunity to talk. However, you will hear from more people and will likely encounter a wider variety of views and ideas. This diversity of thought is often one of the things people like best about large group therapy.

Additional Programs

Therapy sessions are only part of any recovery center’s treatment plans. At Sunflower Wellness, we offer a multitude of other programs that are used alongside group therapy, including:

We offer these programs in addition to other services, such as recreational therapy. At our beautiful 12-acre facility, you will find plenty of ways to stay active, such as playing volleyball and basketball. You’ll meet lots of new people during your group therapy sessions who can enjoy taking part in these activities with you.

Large Group Therapy Programs to Help with Addiction Recovery

If you struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction, do not continue putting off treatment. Through a large group therapy program in Kansas City, KS, we can help you get your life back on track again. Contact us at 855.730.8825 to begin your intake assessment.