Teaching people how to prevent drug addiction relapse is one of the most vital elements of rehab. Doctors achieve this goal in several ways, including educating people about triggers and coping skills. At Sunflower Wellness Retreat, we understand the importance of teaching people how to avoid relapse. For that reason, we offer mindfulness based relapse prevention.

Understanding Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention

Client shakes therapist hand during mindfulness based relapse preventionBefore people can understand mindfulness based relapse prevention, they have to understand what is meant by the term “mindfulness.” In short, it means paying attention in a specific or particular way. People who practice mindfulness are present in the current moment and nonjudgmental. With that said, what does mindfulness have to do with helping people prevent relapse?

Mindfulness based relapse prevention blends standard relapse prevention techniques with mindfulness meditation. In most cases, it also involves using various forms of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Overall, this form of relapse prevention teaches people the principles of acceptance and self-compassion. At Sunflower Wellness Retreat, we offer some of the best mindfulness based relapse prevention Kansas City, KS has to offer. We work this program into treatment for all of our clients.

Accepting Drug Cravings

Some rehab programs attempt to get people to ignore or pretend that drug cravings don’t exist. However, addiction experts believe that it’s important for people to know that these cravings and urges are normal. Instead of denying them, it’s essential to learn how to deal with them.

Some people wonder why it’s so important to accept that urges to use drugs are normal. The reason is that it reminds them that they’re healthy. If they believe that having drug cravings after rehab is abnormal, they start to think that their treatment didn’t work.

In reality, addiction is a lifelong condition that people learn to cope with in healthy ways. Because of that, it’s normal for them to have drug cravings from time to time. Learning how not to give in to these urges is part of what mindfulness based relapse prevention is all about.

The Goals of Mindfulness Relapse Prevention

Like any other form of relapse prevention, mindfulness relapse prevention involves reaching specific goals. For example, it focuses on the development of personal triggers. Understanding these triggers can help people create ways to avoid them.

Next, mindfulness relapse prevention helps people learn to change how they deal with discomfort. Learning to respond in ways other than abusing drugs is vital for reentering society after rehab.

This type of relapse prevention also teaches people to foster a compassionate and nonjudgmental approach toward themselves. People tend to judge themselves harsher than others. It’s essential that they show themselves a little compassion as well.

Lastly, people have to learn to build lifestyles that focus on mindfulness practices. In order for a mindfulness approach to work, they have to continue using it long after rehab. At Sunflower Wellness Retreat, we strive to teach people how to incorporate mindfulness meditation into their everyday lives.

Does a Mindfulness Approach Work for Everyone?

It’s important to understand that there’s no single approach to treating addiction. At Sunflower Wellness Retreat, we create customized treatment plans to ensure that we address the individual needs of each client. While a mindfulness approach might not help everyone, it provides enough benefits to make it worth their time. In short, at least giving this type of program a try won’t cause any problems.

Sunflower Wellness Retreat Wants to Teach You About Relapse Prevention

Are you looking for mindfulness based relapse prevention Kansas City, KS? If so, consider getting help at Sunflower Wellness Retreat. We offer relapse prevention services among other rehab programs, such as:

At Sunflower Wellness Retreat, we also understand the importance of offering dual diagnosis treatment. For that reason, we offer a depression treatment program in Kansas City, KS trusts. Underlying mental disorders, such as depression, often lead to the development of addiction. Because of that, it’s crucial to overcome them in order to achieve long-term sobriety.

Don’t let your addiction control your actions any longer. Take your rehab program to the next level with mindfulness based relapse prevention. Reach out to Sunflower Wellness Retreat today at 855.730.8825.