Sports coaches have historically helped drive their athletes to career success. The same methods apply to a recovery coaching program, one designed to help people in recovery succeed in reaching their goals. The primary focus of a recovery coach is that of helping the client stay sober. They also help you understand why being sober is so important in your life, particularly when you struggle with motivation.

You gain access to a recovery coaching program Kansas City, KS trusts when you enter Sunflower Wellness Retreat. This recovery coaching works alongside a 12-Step program Kansas City, KS offers, so you maintain access to sponsorship and peer support wherever you live throughout your life.

What is a Recovery Coaching Program?

Young man speaks during his recovery coaching programA recovery coaching program helps you apply the principles of rehab and recovery throughout your daily life. Your recovery coach works with you in motivating you to reach your goals, helping you practice your coping skills, and other relapse prevention methods. Sunflower Wellness Retreat provides a recovery coach for you, as part of the Osawatomie, KS rehab’s recovery coaching program.

The use of a recovery coaching program is not new in addiction treatment. Life coaching, in general, rose to popularity about 45 years ago. Since that time, life coaches of many kinds have helped people improve their business lives, executive careers, physical fitness, and sobriety. In recent years, more people started seeking substance abuse programs that include a recovery coaching program as more and more want to do whatever it takes to attain healthy sobriety.

A recovery coaching program in Kansas City, KS does not differ much from using a personal trainer at the gym. Like a fitness trainer, a recovery coach relies on past experience and field knowledge to develop a plan for your best chance of staying sober. They also help you work on other areas of your life, for better wellness overall.

Like when you have a personal trainer at the gym, having a recovery coach pushes you to work harder in your early sobriety. They motivate you, and by nature, you do not want to disappoint them. This leads to better results overall, as you build a stronger desire to reach your goals and maintain what you worked so hard to achieve. Your coach’s knowledge and confidence in you also supports you as you figure out what you want from your new life.

How Does Recovery Coaching Work?

Your recovery coaching is just another method used to support recovery along with therapies, relapse prevention skill-building, and education received in rehab. Having a recovery coach helps you apply what you learn and practice your skills until they become almost second nature. Your coach also understands recovery, so they act as a guide for the early days of your journey.

Recovery coaching starts with planning your goals for your new life, such as maintaining abstinence and achieving specific changes in your lifestyle. As questions arise in your daily life, you turn to your recovery coach for guidance and answers when they count. For example, if you suffer cravings, your coach guides you through using the skills you learn in rehab therapy sessions.

Your recovery coach helps you find a 12 step program in your area and access other aftercare or alumni support. They help you feel supported, instead of alone as you start living your new life. Your coach also sees signs of potential relapse early. Therefore, they can help you use your relapse prevention skills before you notice your strength slipping.

Where Do I Find a Recovery Coach?

In Kansas, you connect with a recovery coach through Sunflower Wellness Retreat’s recovery programs. These addiction treatment programs include:

For your best chance of strong recovery, consider the value of a recovery coaching program. At Sunflower Wellness Retreat, you receive this coaching and other types of support for your recovery goals. Call Sunflower Wellness Retreat now at 855.730.8825 to start building your own motivation and support for lasting sobriety.