Although people struggled in silence in the past, depression treatment is one of the most accessible and accepted types of mental health treatment today. In fact, 16.2 million Americans suffered from depression in the past year. So when this treatable condition leads to substance abuse and addiction, healing the depression is part of your rehab treatment plan.

How Depression and Addiction Go Together

Woman in need of a depression treatment programAddiction and depression often go together in a cycle of co-occurring conditions. These disorders intertwine, each affecting the other. If you suffer depression and start using drugs or alcohol in self-medication, you risk a significant chance of addiction. If you suffer addiction first, you also risk depression due to the chemical changes taking place in your brain.

When you suffer both conditions, doctors call your problem a dual diagnosis disorder. With this disorder, you need treatment for both conditions at the same time. So what is the good news? An addiction and depression treatment program works very well for helping people just like you overcome their two problems at the same time for a better life in recovery.

Co-occurring addiction and depression treatment only came into effect in rehabs in the past twenty to thirty years. Before this time, doctors and treatment professionals believed the two conditions needed separate treatment. This created a whirlwind of a struggle for people with co-occurring conditions. Despite going through treatment for addiction, their depression sent them into quick relapse and vice versa.

But today, you have real hope for healing and lasting wellness after a dual diagnosis. You simply need quality depression therapy through a licensed residential treatment center. This treatment starts in rehab and continues through aftercare. As long as you use the coping skills and insights learned in rehab, you can enjoy a healthy and happy life without relapse of either problem.

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What does depression treatment in rehab involve?

At Sunflower Wellness Retreat, depression therapy takes place alongside your addiction treatment when you suffer both conditions. Holistic methods and traditional therapies also combine in your treatment plan for whole-person healing. You learn how to manage your conditions and what you need to stay healthy and free from relapse.

Important therapies and methods of your co-occurring depression treatment program at Sunflower Wellness Retreat include:

Both of your disorders prove highly treatable. You just have to engage yourself in your addiction and depression treatment program, learn about your conditions, and practice what you learn. When you sense yourself struggling after this substance abuse and depression treatment and in your daily life, you must know when you need help and where to turn. With this knowledge and effective tools for recovery, you can remain free from drugs or alcohol, as well as your depression symptoms.

Depression Treatment at Sunflower Wellness Center Changes Your Life

Depression therapy often involves the use of helpful medications. So for many people, this depression treatment and addiction rehab requires a residential program. Whether you go through your treatment in an inpatient environment or benefit from our intensive outpatient program, you have a happy, healthier life ahead of you.

Sunflower Wellness Retreat understands your life journey. To help you recover fully, your treatment at Sunflower Wellness Retreat takes place on 12 acres of beautiful land in a relaxing, retreat-style environment. You enjoy amenities like basketball and volleyball courts, a full-service gym, and other recreation options. In fact, Sunflower Wellness Center provides the only medication-assisted treatment in the region.

If you struggle with substance abuse and depression now, hope exists in Osawatomie, KS. You simply need combined addiction and depression treatment, to regain control and happiness in your life. So call Sunflower Wellness Retreat now at 855.730.8825 for more information about available programs.