It’s time to regain control of your life. Your substance abuse is threatening to rob you of everything you hold dear. Are you a good candidate for participation in an intensive outpatient program? Sunflower Wellness Retreat experts can help you find the right program for you.

Rehab Treatment Options

Man smiles during his intensive outpatient program in Kansas CitySunflower Wellness Retreat offers a variety of care options. By far, the most popular treatment delivery method is residential rehab. It enables you to get away from it all by moving into the facility. You live there, take your meals there, as well as socialize after therapy with peers.

It’s an excellent way for an immersive healing experience. That said, some people are ideal candidates for the intensive outpatient program. It’s a part-time rehab setup that you schedule around work or school. It’s the least disruptive way of getting the help you need to overcome chemical dependency.

An in-between option is a partial hospitalization program. You live at home but spend your days at the rehab facility. It’s a lot like going to work or school. In the evenings, you return home.

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Who’s a Good Candidate for the Intensive Outpatient Program?

The Sunflower Wellness Retreat’s intensive outpatient program near Kansas City isn’t for everyone. However, it’s an excellent opportunity for someone who doesn’t require medical supervision or detox. Similarly, IOP participation works for someone who wouldn’t be able to attend full-time rehab due to family obligations. When you have a safe and stable living situation, you could benefit from remaining at home.

Most importantly, intensive outpatient rehab is ideal for participants with extensive support systems. If you have community resources as well as friends and family members helping you, the IOP works well.

Who Should Consider Residential Rehab?

Are you are in a codependent relationship or have loved ones enable substance abuse? In this case, the intensive outpatient program may not work for you. Similarly, if you just want to get away from triggers and stressors, choose the inpatient treatment model. It gives you a respite that lets you relax, rest, and recover.

What Happens During Part-Time Rehab?

You receive the same excellent care in an intensive outpatient rehab setting that you would in residential care. Modalities include:

  • Behavioral counseling in a group setting to focus on new ways to handle cravings and urges
  • Family therapy that provides for addiction education and relationship counseling
  • Psychotherapy that focuses on managing post-acute withdrawal symptoms and co-occurring conditions
  • Relapse prevention training that encourages you to find healthy ways of replacing substance abuse with coping skills
  • 12 Step meetings that focus on peer support, encouragement, and accountability for long-term recovery

Group therapy is an integral aspect of an intensive outpatient program. Sunflower Wellness Retreat therapists include fitness therapy, team-building exercises, and friendly competitions. In this way, our intensive outpatient program near Kansas City fast-tracks your social skills development. As you know, relearning how to relate to others while sober is essential for sustainable healing.

Another element of recovery is life skills training. Because you remain at home, it’s essential to revisit some of the skills you may need to relearn. Besides that, loved ones may help you with these. During family therapy, consider discussing life skills that you want to focus on.

Don’t Hesitate Any Longer to Get the Help You Need

If fear of having to live at the rehab center kept you from calling, don’t let it hold you back. There are other options open to you. Most importantly, there’s no wrong time to sign up for rehab. As soon as you’re ready to reach out, caring therapists want to assist you.

Connect with Sunflower Wellness Retreat today to learn more about the intensive outpatient program. At that time, you can also find out about the other treatment delivery options. Next, discover how easy it is to pay for rehab. Call 855.730.8825 today to speak to an intake specialist.