Men have higher sobriety success rates when they attend a residential rehab for men than they do at a co-ed addiction treatment center. Choosing the right men’s rehab center is important for a successful recovery. Our men’s rehab center in Kansas has master’s level clinicians and a wide range of experts available to guide you.

Mens Rehab Center kansas, three men smiling in agreementWhat Makes Our Men’s Rehab Center in Kansas Unique?

Located just outside Kansas City, our men’s rehab center is convenient and easily accessible, while allowing you to rejuvenate in the countryside. You won’t feel like you’re in a hospital at our men’s rehab center. Our campus features 12 acres of beautiful land and fun recreational options like basketball and volleyball. You’ll have access to a full-service gym to keep up with your fitness routine or to start a workout regimen for improving your health and happiness. Sunflower Wellness Retreat’s serene location with amenities for men enhances recovery.

Another quality that sets us apart is we arrange for all of our counselors to work with you. Being exposed to different perspectives and those who specialize in differing areas is beneficial to your recovery. You can find out whose guidance is most helpful for your unique needs. We also assign a specific counselor to you for more in-depth advice.

Sunflower Wellness Retreat maintains a 4.5:1 client to staff ratio to ensure you’re receiving the care you need. Kansas requires an 8:1 or better ratio. We’re dedicated to giving you your money’s worth in treatment.

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Programs Offered at Our Rehab Center

We offer a variety of proven treatments, including alternative methods, to help you achieve lifelong sobriety.

Our services include the following treatments:

We can also help with:

Among this wide range of services, you’ll find methods that appeal to you and work to heal the root causes behind your addiction. If you feel overwhelmed by the options, you can let us know, and we can make recommendations on which therapies are a good match.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) are similar but have key differences. We recommend DBT for those who have substance abuse, trauma, or self-harm issues because this talk therapy excels in helping you regulate intense emotions. Men often have anger, resulting in using drugs or other harmful behaviors. DBT can help you gain control over yourself and healthily process these emotions.

A good idea is taking CBT after DBT because some people need extra help in finding control in their lives. CBT focuses on changing your thoughts to change your feelings and actions. Negative thoughts are more damaging than you may realize. They can easily throw you off track and down a spiral you don’t like. Learning how to quickly stop these thoughts before they affect your behavior empowers you.

Benefits of Choosing a Men’s Rehab Center in Kansas

Enrolling in a residential rehab for men is beneficial for a successful recovery. One of the major problems with co-ed rehab is men don’t easily open up about their feelings in the presence of women. Therefore, when you are in an environment with only male peers, your mind will feel more at ease. You can open up more comfortably, knowing that your peers will understand you. Because substance abuse in men differs from the root issues behind substance abuse in women, enrolling in a men’s rehab program gives you targeted care that’s more likely to deliver the results you want.

Call Sunflower Wellness Retreat in Kansas at 855.730.8825 to take the first step in overcoming your addiction. We have a deep understanding of the issues men face during substance abuse. Thus, our low client to staff ratio helps you feel you are getting the exact help you need.

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