You don’t want to live at the rehab facility. However, you don’t think you’re a good candidate for an intensive outpatient program. Sunflower Wellness Retreat offers a third alternative: the partial hospitalization program. Here’s how it could help you heal.

Who Benefits from Participating in a Partial Hospitalization Program?

Doctor explains a partial hospitalization program in Kansas CityYou need help with overcoming a substance abuse problem. You’ve tried to cut back yourself, but you failed. It scared you. Besides that, you realized that chemical dependency is now affecting your relationships and job.

Our partial hospitalization program near Kansas City lets you benefit from the stability that your home life offers. Doing so maintains your support network. Similarly, it keeps you in familiar surroundings. When this is an integral part of your personal recovery, the PHP is a good choice.

A partial hospitalization program is also an option if you previously participated in Sunflower Wellness Retreat’s residential care setting. Maybe you graduated or are nearing program graduation. Therefore, you’re thinking of transitioning back home. Doing so with PHP participation can ease the transition considerably.

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Modalities Are on Par with Those of Inpatient Treatment

You don’t sacrifice quality. Rather, you benefit from the same treatment options as program participants who selected the residential care program. Examples include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy that emphasizes the development of functional coping skills
  • Dialectical behavior treatment for emotional regulation in stressful situations you can’t change
  • Trauma therapy that gives you tools for processing traumatic experiences from the past
  • Dual diagnosis management assistance for anxiety, depression, and similar disorders
  • Life skills training that encourages you to relearn self-care, boundary setting, and healthy lifestyle choices

Social skills development is another aspect of the partial hospitalization program. Most people need to rediscover how to relate to others while sober. Similarly, they need to find new ways of overcoming frustrations, nervousness, and levels of discomfort around people. In the process, you uncover relapse prevention tools through trigger reduction.

Another aspect of our partial hospitalization program near Kansas City is family therapy. Because you live at home, it’s essential that loved ones don’t fall into the trap of enabling substance abuse. Besides that, they need help with their own healing experiences. Therefore, it makes sense to invite those closest to you to come to the facility for family counseling.

This process may take place in a group setting. It helps loved ones realize that they’re not alone. Most importantly, it shows that there’s hope for healing and recovery. Discussing thornier topics is possible during relationship counseling with a therapist.

It can be an essential therapy to keep your marriage intact. If chemical dependency led to severe strains, it’s crucial to rebuilding trust. Also, you and your partner need to find new ways of communicating effectively. In some cases, it’s necessary to revamp family roles to alleviate stress and frustration.

Expectations for Successful Participation in a Partial Hospitalization Program

PHP participants have far less supervision than those in the residential program. You live at home, but you spend the day at the facility. Therefore, it makes sense that you need to agree to specific terms. For example, you need to commit to coming to therapy on each scheduled day at the appointed time.

Besides that, you agree not to keep drugs or paraphernalia at home. You don’t use any longer. Most importantly, you let your therapist know if a relapse does happen. If something changes in the home life that triggers you, it could be best to transition to a residential program.

Remember that the goal of our partial hospitalization program near Kansas City is your recovery. Sunflower Wellness Retreat will do whatever it takes to help you achieve your goal. There might need to be some flexibility to admit that this program isn’t working the way you thought. That’s okay.

Learn more about the partial hospitalization program at Sunflower Wellness Retreat. Find out if you’re a good candidate for program participation. Find out how you can enroll by calling 855.730.8825 now.