At the end of your drug or alcohol addiction treatment near Kansas City, you are not left alone. Although you feel ready to start your new life, recovery requires ongoing support. For this support when you need it and support others, you should participate in Sunflower Wellness Retreat’s alumni program. As one of our Kansas rehab graduates, you take your place among peers building new lives in recovery while also helping each other stay strong and celebrating successes together.

There are times in your recovery when you walk independently. An excellent example of this in rehab is your individual therapy program in Kansas City, KS. At other times, you need supportive people around you. Cheering you on and helping you when you struggle, your personal network of sober friends, family, and rehab alumni play a vital role in your long-term recovery outlook.

individuals laughing in alumni programWhat Is an Alumni Program?

An alumni program in Kansas City, Kansas, is one type of aftercare offered by Sunflower Wellness Retreat. You can join this program when you complete inpatient, PHP, or IOP rehab treatment. The program helps you connect with peers in recovery. These peers come from all backgrounds and stages of recovery, from those just leaving rehab to people with many years of sobriety behind them.

Alumni programs strengthen your recovery by connecting you with people who understand your journey. You can hold onto friendships developed in treatment and create new ones with people who live in sobriety using the same tools and skills as you learned in rehab.

These programs coordinate events, giving you the chance to meet other people in the recovery community. You can share your stories and connect over common experiences. At the same time, your program helps you find resources in your local community to enrich your life even more. Just as much as you gain support through these treatment programs, you return those favors by supporting others and helping them stay strong in their own recovery.

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Other Benefits of Being an Alumni

Being in your Sunflower Wellness Retreat alumni program in Kansas City, Kansas, provides benefits beyond connecting with peers and gaining access to local resources. One of these other benefits is an ongoing connection with some people who inspired you to stay strong in rehab. Those people, your counselors, and other treatment staff take part in alumni events and networking, too.

Everyone who completes a treatment program has a favorite staff member or someone who helped push them forward in rehab. So through your alumni activities, you can stay close to your favorite staff members or counselors, too. You can continue learning from them and gaining their support. At the same time, you get to know them at a new level, as someone living in recovery every day.

Alumni programs also build your education about addiction and recovery. You continue learning about your disease, relapse prevention, and how to stay strong each day. Your alumni group offers workshops, guided sessions, and ongoing access to treatment.

Sunflower Wellness Retreat’s Kansas City Alumni Program

Leaving Sunflower Wellness Retreat does not mean you must forge ahead in recovery by yourself. Just like in rehab, you gain the appropriate level of support for your changing needs. This support from your alumni program considers your recovery as important as you do. So even when your going gets tough, you know where to turn for ongoing guidance.

Alumni events and programs work well for people who complete a comprehensive rehab treatment program. At Sunflower Wellness Retreat, your treatment includes:

Call Sunflower Wellness Retreat now at 855.730.8825 to discuss your individualized treatment and how to build the healthy and fulfilling future you deserve. When you take advantage of your program’s alumni program, this recovery is never alone.