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It’s not always easy to recognize a drinking problem, but have a couple of glasses of wine to relax on the weekend turned into much more? If you suspect there’s a problem, you’re probably right. Getting treatment at an alcohol addiction treatment center is the best way to overcome substance dependency. Find out what to expect from an alcohol addiction treatment center and learn when to admit you need help with support from Sunflower Wellness Retreat.

person staring at glass of liquor dealing with alcohol addictionDo You Need an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program?


How do you know if your drinking has gotten out of hand? Signs that indicate the need for help at an alcohol addiction treatment program include:

  • Increased tolerance to alcohol, leading to drinking more to feel a buzz
  • Continued use despite suffering negative consequences affecting your job, relationships, or health
  • Engaging in risky behavior while drinking, including driving or having unprotected sex
  • An inability to control your drinking, i.e., once you start, you can’t stop at just one or two drinks
  • Anger or defensiveness when a loved one expresses concern about your drinking
  • More time spent drinking alone
  • Feeling anxious when you can’t drink

Without treatment, your life will spiral out of control, leading to long-term problems that you may not be able to fix. An alcohol addiction rehab program can and will make a positive difference in your life.

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How an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program Helps

An alcohol addiction treatment center can help as long as it addresses your underlying issues. This may be an unresolved trauma, depression disorder, anxiety, or other mental health issues. It could also be an inability to manage anger or other negative emotions healthily.

Not everyone knows how to deal with stress productively. While one person walks their stress off, another reaches for a drink. Over time, they’ll reach for one after another. As their tolerance builds, they must drink more and more until they cannot function without drinking.

Unless you seek help from an alcohol addiction treatment program, you jeopardize your health, job, finances, and any relationships you have. Sunflower Wellness Retreat’s alcohol rehab center can get to the root causes of your substance abuse to create lasting change. We offer numerous therapy programs to help, such as:

Benefits of an Alcohol Rehab Center

If you live in Kansas or you want to begin your recovery in a gorgeous locale, then the alcohol addiction treatment center at Sunflower Wellness Retreat could be the answer you’re looking for.

You want to relax and start treatment in a tranquil setting. You also want a facility that respects your privacy and provides a full range of treatment. Why not choose an alcohol addiction rehab program in Kansas?

If you’re a Kansas resident, you’ll likely find the atmosphere familiar and comforting. But for out-of-state clients, being in this locale gives you a fresh start on a new life.

Treatment, Recovery, Community

The alcohol addiction rehab program you need can be found at Sunflower Wellness Retreat. We’re an addiction treatment center that specializes in treating the entirety of the person. We provide a range of therapies and services designed to help men and women overcome drug and alcohol addiction.

Our treatment programs include:

By giving our clients the tools they need for recovery, we provide them the best chance at maintaining their sobriety.

Are you ready to make a positive change for your future? Reach out to the compassionate team at Sunflower Wellness Retreat. We’ll help you start on the road to recovery so that you’re in control of your life once again. Call us today at 855.730.8825.