Living in the grips of a heroin addiction can be devastating. The vicious circle of using and frantically pursuing the next dose is a horrible thing to watch, as well as experience. For some, it takes eventually hitting rock bottom to reach out for help finally. When they do, places like Sunflower Wellness Retreat will be there with the right heroin addiction treatment program. However, individuals don’t have to wait. Our team of medical professionals, counselors, and therapists are prepared to help anyone struggling with a heroin addiction heal and recover.

What to Expect From a Heroin Addiction Treatment Program

heroin addiction treatmentFrom the moment you become willing to admit you have a serious problem, substance abuse treatment options will open up to you. There will be a heroin addiction treatment center like Sunflower Wellness Retreat to help you in recovery. But, of course, it’s you who will have to commit to the treatment process. Recovery from the disease of addiction requires patience. But with the right support, it’s possible to restore one’s health.

Given the dangers of heroin withdrawal, you almost certainly have to go through a detox program. Sunflower Wellness Retreat does not offer a detox program, but our caring team will help you find a detox program that fits your needs. A detox program will help keep you safe while you deal with withdrawal symptoms like:

  • Tremors and convulsion
  • Respiratory problems
  • Problems with blood pressure and heart rate
  • Hallucinations and nightmares
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Severe muscle cramping
  • Sleep disorders

After detox, you will move on to begin working on your well-being during counseling.

Sunflower Wellness Retreat’s heroin rehab center counselors will also be there to help direct your progress, preparing you to resume living a normal life. We work alongside all clients to develop a customized treatment plan to address their specific needs. Doing so makes achieving your goals in sobriety more attainable. Our facility offers a range of addiction treatment programs. Each of our programs is designed to meet the unique needs of individuals no matter their stage of recovery. Our addiction treatment center offers:

We also provide gender-specific programs for those who need it. Individuals will find the same high-quality treatment in both our men’s rehab and women’s rehab center programs. After rehab, it will then be up to you to turn the heroin addiction treatment program into an aftercare program. Staying in touch with support mechanisms like 12-Step programs, as well as a range of counseling options, is the best way to avoid relapse.

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Counseling – The Real Work Behind a Heroin Addiction Rehab Program

As we mentioned above, you will likely spend weeks in intensive therapy with the heroin rehab center’s counselors. This is where you have to open up and be honest about your thoughts and feelings. If you do anything less than that, you almost ensure a relapse.

During your time in therapy, you will need to look closely at the potential causes of your addiction. These will be the underlying issues that are driving you to flee the reality of life with heroin. You will then begin to understand the truth about your addiction and let the heroin addiction treatment program go to work.

The program and your counselors will direct you towards developing the life skills you will need to avoid relapse. Why is this important? When you leave your heroin addiction rehab program, your triggers will be out there waiting for your return. You cannot let your triggers or any temptations take you down the path of relapsing. You have to meet them head-on with the tools you developed in the heroin addiction treatment center.

What’s Sunflower Wellness Retreat All About?

From our Midwest facility, we offer a wide range of heroin addiction treatment programs for adults. We place a lot of emphasis on bringing peace and serenity back into the lives of our clients. Through the efforts of our professional staff, we have been able to build an outstanding reputation for success. Here’s a bit of information about our facility and services:

  • Evidence-based modalities like CBT and DBT
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for co-existing conditions
  • Great recreation programs and amenities
  • Services on an inpatient and intensive outpatient basis
  • Maintain a 4.5 to 1 client ratio

Please don’t let your heroin addiction drag you down the path of self-destruction. You have so much more to live for than to let that happen. At Sunflower Wellness Retreat, we have a heroin addiction treatment program just for you. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call us at 855.730.8825.