We don’t see older opioid drug users on the streets because opioids devastate lives before the user ages. Without treatment, they will eventually face homelessness, prison, insanity, or even death. A far better option is for the addiction sufferer to fight back against their addiction in an opioid addiction treatment program. Hopefully, the following information will motivate those who need help to seek help.

Finding the Right Opioid Addiction Treatment Center

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Drugs like prescription painkillers, heroin, and fentanyl are no-nonsense substances. The short-lived euphoria and relief from these opioids will sooner or later turn into an addiction. The time to start looking for a reputable opioid addiction rehab program is before that happens.

The opioid rehab center you choose will have a profound effect on the depth of your recovery. You want an opioid addiction treatment center like Sunflower Wellness Retreat where treatment options are plentiful. If you have to forgo the convenience of getting treatment close to home for better care, so be it. This is your life, and you don’t want to take shortcuts that will leave with a lifetime of relapses. Your best option is always to choose a quality opioid addiction treatment program over everything else.

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The Opioid Addiction Treatment Program Process

The process of treating addiction is not difficult from a logistical standpoint. When a client enters the opioid rehab center, they will meet a highly-qualified clinician. The clinician’s job is to assess the client’s addiction profile and then decide on the proper course of treatment.

Most certainly, a client with an opioid addiction will need time to detox. Sunflower Wellness Retreat does not offer detox, but our team will refer you to a detox program that is right for you. Once you have completed detox, you can transition into our inpatient opioid addiction treatment program.

Assuming all goes well, the client should be able to get past their withdrawal symptoms and cravings. This will clear their mind and body to better focus on therapy. Once therapy begins, the client and their counselors will be seeking the truth about the client’s addiction. Why is this important? A doctor can’t treat any other disease without finding the root causes. Untreated causes create the possibility of a relapse. Addiction treatment is no different than any other disease. As such, someone’s got to find the causes to develop the right prevention formula.

With addiction, the right prevention formula is a full arsenal of coping skills as well as support resources. Anything less than that, and the client risks relapse after relapse.

Arresting Addiction at Sunflower Wellness Retreat

As part of the addiction treatment community, Sunflower Wellness Retreat plays the role of addiction counselor and therapist. Our job is to help clients understand the truth about their addiction. To facilitate the process at the highest level, we maintain an extensive menu of opioid addiction treatment program options. We use these options to build custom treatment programs for each of our clients. Here’s a partial list of our current addiction treatment services:

Like us, we hope you view your addiction as a serious issue. If you can find the strength to admit you have an addiction and need help, you will find that help is available. Check with us about the opioid addiction treatment programs at our Sunflower Wellness Retreat facility. For more information about our menu of addiction services, you want you to call us at 855.730.8825. If recovery is only one call away, that’s a call you have to find the strength to make.