Addiction recovery takes work, time and also focus. This complex journey in your life requires real change and takes you through hardships, setbacks, as well as learning. But the journey is worth its complexities when you gain lasting wellness. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you can receive this life-changing treatment. Going through insurance verification can provide you with the ability to access the programs as well as treatments you need.

The State of Addiction Coverage Through Insurance

a woman checking her phone for insurance verificationOne of the worst struggles during addiction is that of fighting your insurance company. The last thing you want is denied costs or early release from treatment. However, this insurance plight is common among many people. Getting insurance verification before entering treatment can help you understand your coverage options.

Under the Affordable Care Act your medically necessary psychiatric treatment, such as for addiction, gains comparable coverage as your physical treatment needs. But be aware: Insurance denials still happen every day during rehab insurance verification. This happens, despite the treatment being necessary for survival and well-being. Medical necessity exists, so work with your treatment program to gain the rehab insurance verification and reimbursements you need.

Sunflower Insurance Coverage

If you want to gain a full understanding of your options, then talk to Sunflower Wellness Retreat about getting help with your rehab insurance verification. Sunflower Wellness Retreat understands insurance policy problems and can also work with your insurance companies to find the best option for you.

By simply talking to a Sunflower Wellness Retreat admissions counselor, you can get insurance verification as well as a complete picture of your benefits for treatment. This advance awareness then gives you the chance to work with your insurance company or gain new coverage for the treatment you need and deserve.

Understanding Rehab Insurance Verification

To understand how your policy supports addiction treatment, then follow several steps. For example, these steps include:

If you want help getting rehab insurance verification, then call Sunflower Wellness Retreat now at 855.730.8825. You or your loved one can start enjoying a healthier, happier life.

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Read Your Policy

Get to know your insurance benefits. Of course, by reading your policy, you learn about possible problem areas in treatment coverage. You also gain a better understanding of how your policy pays for treatment, whether directly to the treatment provider or through reimbursements to you.

Talk to a Case Manager

Call your insurance company and ask to speak to an individual case manager also. This person can dive more deeply into your insurance policy with you, therefore helping you understand your benefits. Otherwise, you can also turn to your HR department for a work-related health plan or the insurance agent named on your policy.

Keep Your Insurance Card in Your Wallet

Whenever you talk to someone about your insurance policy, coverage or benefits, the first information you must provide is your policy number. You likely need your group number, also. Of course, this information is on your insurance card, along with a telephone number for verifying your benefits.

Ask for Insurance Guidelines

Remember, to understand which level of care you qualify for, also ask the insurance company for their level of care guidelines. They must provide this to you, even if they balk at first.

Stand Up for Your Benefits

If you suffer benefit denial, then stand up for yourself against the insurance company. You can challenge them on policy coverage or you can also use a lawyer who understands your state’s laws to stand up to them for you. For example, ask the insurance company if they disagree with the highly qualified medical experts on your needed care. Also, ask them if they take full responsibility for denying coverage the doctor recommends.

Sunflower Wellness Retreat in Kansas provides the addiction treatment you or your loved one desperately need. For example, therapies and services of Sunflower Wellness Retreat include:

If you want help getting rehab insurance verification, then call Sunflower Wellness Retreat now at 855.730.8825. You or your loved one can start enjoying a healthier, happier life.