Success Stories

Some of the reviews written by our graduates of our 28 day residential treatment program:



“Rehab. As one of the first clients of the Sunflower Wellness Retreat in Osawatomie, Kansas, I am grateful to have a chance to get a grasp on my addiction, largely due to the caring and support of Program Director Joe Hammer and counselor Sarah Bahr. I had significant reservations about rehab. Scared to death at the beginning of the 28 day program, I had been climbing into a bottle of vodka daily and not climbing back out. A woman in her forties, who desperately needed help, I had slipped into a place where certainly there were no sunflowers or wellness. It’s week four now and sitting on the back patio of the retreat, I recognize the mornings as brighter and I do feel healthier. If we have paid attention, we have glimpsed what good routines and therapy can do for us. We are an eclectic crowd of addicts; ­­some younger, some older, some drunks, some drug addicts, and then some combination in between. Addiction clearly doesn’t make exemptions and it has screwed us all up in full measure. One of the common themes of our conversations here is the need to approach recovery day by day, sometimes hour by hour and even minute by minute if necessary. Seconds count and here in the quiet of what looks like my own backyard, I am learning to be better accountable for my time and I am thankful for the good people who are aiding me in my journey to stop drinking.”
Thank you,  XXXXXX.

Testimonie PicsLane, I want you to know that I’m very grateful for you and your program saving my life. Making my daughter’s better by having a mother who isn’t messed up on drugs. Her new addiction is now working out, thanks to you. Thank you with all my heart, Your Rehab Kid


Testimonie Pics_3Hi Sunflower, Miss you guys. Been clean 50 days! Got three hours with my kids last week! I got two jobs here in Parsons. I feel great! I owe it all to you guys! Thanks.

Testimonie Pics_5Our dearest Linda, You have gone above and beyond the requirements of your job and we love you even more for it. You’ve helped us throughout this entire program. We don’t think we woulda made it without you. Especially the week Sara and Joe were gone. We would of gone mentally insane out in this jankity world. We love and appreciate everything you have done for us. We will never forget you!


Dear Patti, I just wanted to let you know that your awesome! I love this place, it saved our lives. You made it feel even more like home. Just the little things mean more than you know.

PS Thank you for being a 2nd mom. Fulfilling our wants and even coming in on your days off to bring us fruits and veggies and coloring books!

Testimonie Pics_8To the Sunflower Crew! Thanks for the loving support. I will remember your kindness and caring.

Testimonie Pics_7I appreciate the opportunity for this program to get clean and get my life right. Thank you for sharing your experiences with me for me to relate to. Thank you for saving my life!


Thank you for everything you have done for me. You have made me a better person and I owe you my life.


I can’t wait to see Sunflower Wellness Retreat expand! I would not be the same person I am today if it was not for the staff and the opportunity to attend this rehab. Here you are treated as an equal and a person not just an “addict or alcoholic.” I looked at several facilities before I found this one and not only was this the only facility I found in Kansas that offered flexible payments, which gave me the opportunity to change my life, it also has a very relaxed and safe setting that feels like home away from home! Everyone here is looking for the same common goal: “To live a sober life.” I’ve made many life-long friends and support systems with clients as well as many staff! We also stay very busy, sure you have your down time to just relax, watch tv, read, and listen to music on the patio, but we aren’t cooped up in the building with nothing to do. They have everything from group classes, one on one therapy, art, meditation, hiking, going to the gym, firework shows, carnivals, picnic, shopping trips, and various other activities! Needless to say this is the best thing I have ever done for myself and I would highly recommend this opportunity to any person I meet that wants to live a sober happy life! The amazing people here saved my life.
Thank you Sunflower Wellness Retreat. XXXXXX.